william blake

William Blake: 14 masterpieces to show how poetry and painting can meld in the same artist

William Blake was undervalued by his contemporaries and he is now considered one of the biggest british artists: his talent was a huge inspiration for the following generations. His life and his art William Blake was an english artist that lived between 1757 and 1827: he was a poet too, and he always sustained the […]

visit bruges 2

Visit Bruges: a city full of art, history and breathtaking views

This little city in northern europe is often compared to Venice for the canals and the amazing views on its little streets. But is it really similar to the italian city? Here the reasons why Bruges is considered the Venice of the north. The Venice of the North Bruges (or we should better say Brugge) […]

tuscania san pietro

Tuscania is the ideal city to discover the ancient history: from the Etruscans to the Middle Ages 8 photos

The old village of Tuscania is typical of central Italy: located in the north of Lazio, it has a long and intresting history. Origins The first inhabitants set up the city more or less in the 1000 b.C. but only in the roman period it become an important trading post. In the early middle age they […]

bagatelle rose garden 2

The rose garden of Bagatelle, a wonderland of smells and colours in 20 pictures

Bagatelle is the ideal place for flowers and roses lovers, only some minutes away from the city center of Paris. Where is it? The wonderful rose garden of Bagatelle is not far from the city center of Paris and will amaze all the visitors with its beauty and the good smell of those flowers. It is […]


Soissons: 6 pictures to show the death of an abbey

The city of Soisson deserve a visit but there is surely a place that puzzle all the visitors: it is the ancient abbey of Saint-Jean-des-Vignes, that today is only a bare façade and a little part of the courtyard. A little bit of history Some centuries ago, the abbey of Soissons was very important: it […]

menhir dol de bretagne

Dol-de-Bretagne tells us about saints, menhir and cathedrals… all this and more in 10 pictures

Dol-de-Bretagne looks like a fairytale village, a place in which history still amaze the visitors. Echoes of prehistory Since prehistory this area was inhabited, the most ancient proof of the human presence is the menhir of Champ-Dolent, that nowadays is in the countryside. This huge stones were often carved in other times: they were probably […]

roseto capo spulico 2

Roseto Capo Spulico has a wonderful beach in Calabria

Roseto Capo Spulico is a city on the Ionian sea and it is an amazing, quiet place with one of the most beautiful beaches of the region.   City and castle Roseto is a small but very ancient city that still has a beautiful castle dating back to 1260 that today guests a restaurant. The landscape […]

matera paesaggio

Visit Matera: 7 ideas to discover the next european capital of culture

Altough it will be the next european capital of culture, this city is still an unknown treasure of south Italy. Many tourists came to visit it fastly, paying attention just the the famous “sassi” but there is much more to see. Here 7 ideas to visit the incredible Matera. 1) The famous “Sassi”: In Matera there […]

Most romantic places in Rome

As St Valentine is approaching, this post is dedicated to most romantic places of the eternal city. Rome is as good as Paris or Venice for what concerns breathtaking views. Taking no notice of squares as Piazza Navona, fontana di Trevi or Pizza di Spagna, or the usual walk at the colosseum, but also of the […]

Creation of Adam

Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel: everything you wanted to know and 10 incredibles details

Today we talk about Michelangelo and his work in the Sistine Chapel: we will discover the man behind this extraordinary artist, curiosities and details that will help us to understand the multiple facets of his work. The personality Michelangelo was a very particular and eccentric person, as Vasari, that was one of his biggest fans […]